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Medical transportation for your patients, facility, or clinic must be scheduled long in advance. There are many ways to set up your transportation, and you need to try the medical transport options here to set up your patients with the transportation they need. Each transportation solution will change the way your patients make it to and from your office or are sent to the hospital for emergencies.

The Office Shuttle

You must consider setting up an office shuttle for your clinic. The shuttle can take people from your office to their home or senior living center easily, and they will do not need to get their own transportation. You may set up the shuttle in conjunction with the senior homes in the area, or you may set up shuttles from the many apartment complexes that are in your local area.

medical transportThe shuttle is run and managed by the transportation company, and they run a route that you do not need to manage. You are given a list of the pickup times for every part of their route, and you may share those schedules with the people in your office. You are not bound by the transportation company to manage the route, and you make small payments to the transport company for the route.

You are getting away from a more complicated form of transportation done without spending money on your own vehicles and drivers. The vehicles and drivers are managed by a private company that trains them and insures the vehicles. Your patients will likely fall in the love with the drivers that take them to and from their appointments, and you will have a chance to work with these drivers yourself.

You are in need of office shuttles when you are not free to make house calls. You may not have the time to leave the office to call on all your patients, but you can easily learn how to set up many shuttles that will bring people to and from your office every day. You are not bound by a contract that forces you to run a route every day, but you can set up routes that meet the needs of your customers. Make sure to Book with air medical escort when your patients journey is over 200 miles.

Contact the transport people that will help you set up the shuttles you need to aid your patients. Your patients are not free to drive to you, but they easily get to your office with the help of the shuttle and driver.