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You may not believe that you will be in need of air transport for your patients, but you understand that anything could happen when you are trying to help your patients. You are not sure when something could happen in your office or hospital, and you must have a way of contacting a company that is going to help you get your patients to the right place as fast as possible.

Air transport is going to help you manage the care of your patients when you are dealing with major injuries, major medical events, and transplants. There are many ways to set up this service, but you need to contact a medical transport company who will send you a helicopter when you are in desperate need of transportation.

The Pilot

The pilot that comes to your office to help you is versed in landing that helicopter in any place you need them to. You have no idea of how you are going to get your patients to a helicopter, and you do not know how easy it is to land a helicopter, but the pilot can land where you need them to. They will drop the helicopter in the parking lot of your business, or they can land on the roof of a hospital. The helicopter pilot can get to you without worrying about where they are going to land or how they are going to help you when you are in need.

Mercy-helicopterThe Helicopter

The helicopter that is going to help you is designed to support people who are in medical need. This is not a regular helicopter that people sit in. The helicopter is going to help you take care of the patient when they are on their way to a hospital. There are many times when your patients are in dire need of medical support, and the chopper has all the equipment that is needed for your patients. You can ride in the helicopter with your patients, or you can send someone with your patients. There is typically an EMT in the chopper, and you will learn what is on the chopper before they arrive. You get the information you need to get the patient where they need to go, and the chopper lands in the places that you need it to land, and you should call when you know there is no other way to transport someone.